If your services were not scheduled, we will ask for insurance information as well as guarantor information at the time we register you for care. This is important so we can assist you in billing the proper insurance for payment and verifying that your insurance will pay for your care.

If you have health insurance

TMC HealthCare will verify your health insurance coverage before your scheduled admission. Please bring your current insurance ID card when you come for services.

After your insurance is verified, a financial counselor will estimate any amount that is not covered by your insurance, such as deductible and/or co-pay amounts. If your insurance has a predetermined co-pay or deductible, please be prepared to pay that amount in full on the day of services. 

If you have Medicare

TMC will verify your Medicare enrollment. A patient representative will discuss your Medicare coverage with you. If you have a supplemental policy to Medicare we will need to have that information also.

Please have your Medicare card and your supplemental insurance card with you.

Medicare requires we ask you several questions each time you need services. We appreciate your patience in answering them as completely as possible.

TMC will submit your bill to Medicare and your supplemental insurance after Medicare has paid.

If you have no insurance coverage

A financial counselor will discuss your payment options with you. The financial counselor can estimate your total charges and discuss TMC's payment schedule. Additionally, the financial counselor will ask questions to determine if you may be eligible for government assistance such as AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) or other assistance programs within TMC. In addition, TMC offers financial assistance as outlined in our Community Care policy.

All patients without health insurance must make payment arrangements prior to a scheduled admission or outpatient service. A deposit against services will be expected.

Billing your insurance

TMC bills all major insurance carriers, including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Champus, AHCCCS, Worker's Compensation and other health maintenance organizations. If you change your address or your insurance carrier, please call (520) 324-1310 to update your records.

A bill is submitted to your insurance carrier about 10 days after your services. When the carrier sends payment to TMC, the insurance company will also send you an explanation of what was paid based on your particular benefits. If there is a balance due after your insurance has paid, TMC will send you a statement for that amount. TMC allows 60 days for your insurance to pay for your services. You will not receive a statement until your insurance has paid.

Amounts due

TMC HealthCare expects payment in full within 30 days of your first statement. If you are unable to pay in full within that timeframe, please call (520) 324-1310 to discuss payment arrangements.

Other billing information

These billing guidelines apply to TMC HealthCare. TMC bills for hospital-related services only. You will receive a separate bill for all physician services. These include Emergency Department physician services, X-ray interpretations, physician care while you are in the hospital and other services performed by a physician. If you have questions about services or bills from a doctor, please contact them directly.

To receive an receive an itemized bill, you must request one by calling 324-1310.

For your convenience, TMC HealthCare accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also pay online.

Sometimes patients are due a refund on their account because both the patient and insurance have paid. A refund takes about 15 days to process. Before a refund is sent to you, TMC HealthCare will review any other accounts you may have and will apply the credit balance to any open account which has a patient responsibility.

If you have billing questions or believe you have a credit balance, please call 324-1310 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

To make payment arrangements on your outstanding account, please call 324-1310 or (800) 362-7004 for out of area.
Send all correspondence to:
 TMC HealthCare
 PO Box 42195
 Tucson AZ 85733
Mail all payments to:
 TMC HealthCare
 PO Box 31267
 Tucson AZ 85751

Or, pay your bill online here. Or pay though MyChart, our patient portal.