During your initial visit with a provider, you will need to complete paperwork on your health history, medications and insurance coverage. On subsequent visits you can update this information as needed. Below is information on what to expect as well as information related to patients with Medicare and patients with commercial insurance.

Annual Wellness Visit for Medicare Beneficiaries

Annual Physical Exam for Commerical Insurance Beneficiaries

Before Your Visit

Please bring the following:

  • Completed TMCOne new-patient forms (includes Registration form, Health History form, Release of Information form) – if you do not have these forms or they are not completed, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • All current medications bottles (or a list of current medications including dose and how often each is taken)
  • Advance directives and medical power of attorney (if you have these documents)
  • Any prior medical records are helpful
  • Prior vaccination records for patients under the age of 18 are helpful
  • Current insurance card
  • It is also helpful to bring a list of questions for your provider or other health care professional. Many times, patients feel rushed or forget to ask questions when they are in our office. It's important to us that all of your questions are addressed during your visit.

Since health plan benefits vary, and the amount of your financial obligation and or copay at the time service may also vary, remember to review your specific plan coverage. Your insurance card information will help us verify your coverage.

Please arrive15 minutes before your first appointment to allow us to process your paperwork and make the necessary preparations for your visit with us.

During Your Visit

  • Review your list of questions with your health care provider
  • Observe the processes of the office
  • Was there someone who went above and beyond somehow?
  • Was there something that you didn’t like about your visit?
  • Is there something that you believe could be improved upon?
  • Did the office staff make you feel comfortable while you were in the office?

After your visit

Following your visit, you will be contacted with a survey to tell us about your visit. This is your chance to be honest and tell us how we did.