Tucson Medical Center is aligned with two Southern Arizona accountable care organizations: Arizona Connected Care and Abacus Health.

The aligned providers in both organizations share deep community roots and a passion to achieve three objectives: improve the patient experience, improve population health and control costs.

While building on patient-centered-medical-home methods to improve access to team-based primary care services, Arizona Connected Care and Abacus Health align efforts across the spectrum of health care providers to assure that patients throughout the community have access to necessary services, in a supportive and education-based health care environment.
Engaging patients directly in their own care should lead to improved decision-making and quality of life as well as better use of community health resources.

Through these collaborations, we provide patients with access to information and extra resources to assist with transitions between care settings, such as hospital-to-home, ensuring that patients—especially those with chronic conditions—get the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.