Advance Care Planning Consults
Advance Care Planning: Managing Your HC Decisions
Alzheimer´s Assoc: Dementia Conversations
Alzheimer´s Assoc: The Basics: Memory Loss; Dement
Alzheimer´s Association Caregiver Support Group
Alzheimer´s Association Younger Onset Caregiver Su
Alzheimer´s Film & Discussion
APDA Parkinson´s Education Series
APDA Parkinson´s Support Group
Art Wkshp: Exploring Print-Making
Art Wkshp: Mixed-Media Flowerscapes
Baby Care ABC
Balance Workshop
Beginning Line Dancing
Beginning Tai Chi
Big Brother/Big Sister
Body Shape
Body Shaping with JCC
Brain Gym
Brain Health: Anti-Aging Effects of Sleep
Brain Health: Preventing a ¨Brain Attack¨
Brain Health: Try Something New for Brain Fitness
Breastfeeding Basics
Cardiac Procedures: Latest Techniques & Technologi
Cardio Sculpt Fitness Class
Celebration of Life
Chair Yoga with JCC
Childbirth Education One-Day Blast
Children Are Priceless Passengers
Connection between Stress & Heart Disease
Core & Flex Fitness Class
CPR Certification Class
Cyber-Seniors Workshop
Dance Fitness with JCC
Date Night Friday
Diabetes Education & Support
Effects of Post-Surgical Anesthesia on Older Adult
EMS 1/2 Day Conference: Drowning Resuscitation
Essentials of Wellness: Diet´s Don´t Work
Essentials of Wellness: Getting Personal with Your
Essentials of Wellness: Resolution Substitution
Extended Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga with JCC
Hands-Only CPR
Healthy Knees & Hips
Healthy Pregnancy
Heart Attack & Stroke- Know the Difference
Heart to Heart Support Group
Heart-Centered Meditation
HIIT Fitness Class
I Love Books Group
Improved Solutions for Atrial Fibrillation
Infant CPR
Intermediate Tai Chi
Intro to Flow Yoga
Journey for Control: Diabetes Education
Laugh Your Way to a Healthier Heart
Let's Get Lean!
Linking Hearing Loss to Cognitive Decline
Maternity Services Tour
Natural Birth Preparation
Neuro Series: Causes; Symptoms & Treatment of Stro
Neuro Series: Newest Research on Alzheimer´s & Rel
Neuro Series: Tinnitus
Nutrition Advising at TMC for Seniors
Ortho Series: Staying Active & Injury-Free as You
Pediatric Anesthesia, What to Expect
Preparation for Childbirth
Preventing Heart Disease
Prevention is the Start to a Healthy Heart
QiGong with JCC
Running Safety & Personal Defense Class
Saturday Social Run
Search for Centenarians
Simple Exercises to Keep Your Heart Strong
Solutions for Heartburn & Reflux
Strength and Balance Fitness Class
Stroke Prevention Saturday
Stroke Support Group
Survive Well Series
Tucson Ostomy Support Group
Virtual Dementia Experience
Viva Seniors!
Weekender Preparation for Childbirth
Weight-Loss Support Group
Weight-Loss Surgery Seminar
Yoga Basics
Zumbini Movement Series