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What should I expect if my doctor is in an ACO?

Over time, if you see a doctor or health care provider participating in an ACO, you may notice that:

■ You don’t have to fill out as many medical forms that ask for the same information.

■ The health care providers that you see all know what’s going on with your health because they communicate with each other.

■ You don’t need to repeat medical tests because your results are shared among your health care team.

■ The providers participating in the ACO will work with you to make sure the care decisions reflect your preferences.

Your Medicare benefits won’t be limited because your doctor is part of an ACO. Also, you still have the right to choose any hospital or doctor that accepts Medicare, at any time, even if that hospital or doctor isn’t part of an ACO. Some ACOs may hire people to help check on your care. They may call you after an appointment or a procedure to make sure you understand how to take your medicines or schedule follow-up visits. They may also share information with your doctor to make sure you get the right care.