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Kids' Surgery

Where will I go?

Surgery Waiting Area – When you first arrive to the hospital, you will take the elevators to the 2nd or 3rd floor of the big surgery tower or go into the Outpatient Surgery Center. Here you will find the surgery waiting area. The receptionist will talk to your parents and get you checked in. You and your parents will be given matching ID bracelets that tell the doctors and nurses who you are. Once you have your ID bracelet, you will have to wait for your turn. Sometimes we have toys you can play with, but if you want to bring toys from home, that might help you to pass the time!

Pre-op Area - When your name is called, a tech will walk you and your parents into the pre-op area where you will get ready for your surgery. First, she will take your height, weight and temperature. Next, she will take you to your comfortable pre-op room. There is a bed waiting for you, chairs for your parents, and a television for everyone to watch. In this room, we will take your blood pressure (using a blood pressure cuff that gives your arm a tight hug) and we will use the pulse ox (a soft clip that goes on your finger – don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!). You will then be asked to put on your hospital pajamas and get cozy in bed.

The next person you will meet is the pre-op nurse. Her job is to ask questions about you and your body so we can make sure to take great care of you. You will also meet a child life specialist. She will help you to understand why you are at the hospital and what will happen during your hospital visit. She can also answer any questions you have and bring you fun things to do!

That’s not all! In the pre-op area, you will also see your surgeon (the doctor who is going to do your surgery), the anesthesiologist (your “sleep” doctor), and the operating room nurse who will be helping with your surgery. You can say hi and ask any questions you have. After you and your parents have met everyone and have all your questions answered, you will be all ready to go!

Operating Room – After big hugs for your parents, you will get to take a ride on your bed to the operating room, or the room where your surgery will happen. Your parents will wait for you in the surgery waiting area, not very far from where you are. When you get to the operating room, you might see some other nurses who are there to help with your surgery. They may have hats and masks on to keep the room extra clean, but don’t worry, I’ll bet they are smiling under those masks! We will help you to move to a different bed and make sure you are cozy and comfortable. You might see the blood pressure cuff and pulse ox again and maybe even 3 stickers that go on your tummy to help us to listen to your heart while you are sleeping.  Then we’ll use a soft, plastic mask to help you go to sleep.  Your big job is to take deep breaths while you play a game or talk to the child life specialist. Pick out a good dream…we will take great care of you!

Recovery Room (PACU) – When surgery is all finished, you will wake up in our recovery room. You might feel pretty sleepy. There is going to be a nurse there with you, and her job is to make sure you are doing okay. If you need a warm blanket or are ready for a drink of water, let her know. Your parents will meet you in the recovery room and they will be with you the rest of your time at the hospital. Most kids can have some water, juice or a popsicle in the recovery room.