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Kids' Surgery

Who will I meet?

Receptionist – The person you will meet in the surgery waiting area. She will talk to your parents and give you an ID bracelet.

Patient Care Tech – The person who will call you back to the pre-op area. She will see how tall you are and how much you weigh. She will also take your temperature and blood pressure, and show you the pulse ox.

Pre-op Nurse – The pre-op nurse will get you ready for surgery. She will ask you and your parents questions about you and your body, any other surgeries you have had, and about the last time you had anything to eat or drink.

Child Life Specialist - The child life specialist’s job is to help you understand why you are at the hospital and what will happen while you are there. She also brings fun things for you to play with. If you have any questions or something you are worried about, please let your child life specialist know!

Surgeon – The doctor who will be doing your surgery.

Anesthesiologist – The doctor who will help you go to sleep, make sure you are safe and healthy while you are sleeping, and wake you up when your surgery is all finished.

Operating Room Nurse – The nurse’s job is to help make sure everything goes smoothly in the operating room. She will meet you in pre-op and check all of the paperwork to make sure everything has been signed. She might ask you some questions, too!

Recovery Nurse – The nurse that will help make sure you are doing okay when you wake up from your surgery.