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Teen Surgery

Are there needles?

Usually, patients over 10 or 11 years old need to have an IV prior to surgery. IV stands for “intravenous” meaning "in the vein." The IV is a very small plastic straw that is placed in your vein so that your body can be given fluids and medicine. The doctor or nurse will use a needle to place the IV, but once the straw is in the right spot, the needle comes out. To place the IV, the nurse will use a tourniquet (a tight rubber band) to look at your hands and arms. When the right spot has been found, the nurse will then clean the area. You may feel a little poke when the needle goes in. The little straw will then be connected to some plastic tubing and will be taped in place. We will use this IV to give you anesthesia and any other medicines that you may need.

Because most people do not like needles, we offer multiple options to help. Different numbing medicines and distraction techniques can be used so that you don't feel the needle poke as much. We will talk to you about these options on the day of your surgery.