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Nutrition & Fitness

How do I prepare for my individual nutrition counseling session?
Since the purpose of nutrition counseling is to help you find ways to change your eating habits, so that you can improve your health or reach your nutrition goals, we recommend that you do the following:
1. Complete a 3-day food diary.
o Your dietitian will email a food log to you or send you a printed copy in the mail. The food log will contain instructions for filling it out properly.
o Be sure to bring the completed food diary with you to your appointment.
2. Obtain a copy of your most recent blood work, if possible.
o Lab tests of interest include total cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c (if you have diabetes).
3. Give careful thought to what nutrition goals you want to achieve.
o “I want to eat better” is a good intention, but it isn’t very specific. The more concrete your objectives, the better you can visualize and eventually achieve them.