Gentle Yoga with JCC

Exercise Spotlight: Fitness from the "Tucson J"  HELD AT TMC SENIOR SERVICES

Join us to learn some new exercises. On Thursdays each week the JCC staff will "spotlight" exercise classes they offer. Registration is required for each class. Class is limited to 18 attendees

Dance Fitness: simple moves for a fun body workout

Qi Gong: slow rhythmic movements that increase balance, muscle strength and reduce stress

Chair Yoga: yoga movements/poses that can be done from a seated position

Body Shaping: muscle strengthening and lengthening exercises that sculpt the body

Gentle Yoga: less intense for beginners who want to increase flexibility

Class is limited to 18 attendees.

Please call to cancel if you can not make a class as there are limited spots available

TMC for Seniors at the El Dorado Health Campus