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The Core at La Encantada
2905 E. Skyline Drive
Tucson, AZ 85718
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2:00 pm
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The Uninvited House Guest: What Are You Breathing?

Mrs. Green's World

Believe it or not, outdoor air pollution isn’t the only thing wreaking havoc on your respiratory system. Mold, viruses and bacteria may also be hiding in unsuspecting places in your home! With upper respiratory disease on the rise in Pima County, it’s time to start improving the quality of air you breathe.

The Core is happy to have Mrs. Green and indoor air-quality expert, Tim Sibley, break down what you can do to improve indoor air-quality. Dealing with household air contamination head on, you’ll leave with need-to-know tips on how to get your home free and clear of air-quality mysteries and contaminants!

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