About our Pre-Payment Plans for Maternity Observation

TMC for Women is the leading hospital in Southern Arizona for pregnant women. At TMC you are assured of the availability of a team of specialist and staff, all extensively trained in caring for mom and baby. We have round-the-clock professionals specializing in high-risk prenancies and deliveries. And when there are concerns about a pregnacy, our team will work closely with you and you obstetrician to ensure you and your baby are getting the care you need.

Maternity Observation - When your physician orders observation, it's usually for one of these reasons:

  • To evaluate the possibility of a premature labor
  • To evaluate possible membrane rupture
  • To evaluate the possibility of pre-eclamsia (pregnancy-related high blood pressure)
  • To evaluate chest pain, nausea, vomiting and bleeding

Our Pre-Payment Package Plan Includes Discount Pricing for:

  • Up to two hour stay
  • Up to four hours stay
  • Up to 10 hours stay

If your stay is more than 10 hours, payment falls outside the discount price.

Observation takes place in the Antepartum Clinic, located at the Southeast Entrance of Tucson Medical Center.

Program Guidelines:

• TMC offers these discounts for those patients who pay in full at completion of exams, at the Southeast Entrance admitting desk.
• TMC will not create a hospital bill (a UB04)
• Program prices do not include the fees from the Obstetrix physician group who interpret the exams. Physician fees are billed separately for each procedure performed.