About our Pre-Payment Plan for Implantable Converter Defibrillator

The TMC CardioVascular Center is a high-volume facility with experienced physicians and a particular strength in device management.

An implantable cardioverter defibrillator is a battery-powered device placed under your skin, beneath the collarbone, that monitors your heart rate. It uses batteries to send electric signals to a heart that's beating too slow, same as a pacemaker. It can also deliver an electric shock to help restore a normal heartbeat to a heart that's beating chaotically and much too fast.

This oupatient procedure includes the device.

Program Guidelines

  • Packages are for self-pay patients only, not for patients covered by insurance.
  • To receive package program rates, full payments must be received before services are performed, otherwise full charges will be billed.
  • Program prices do not include fees for the physican or anesthesiologist. Physician fees are billed separately by the physician’s office for each procedure or test performed.
  • Required preoperative lab work is included in the package pricing when the lab work is performed at TMC. Lab work must be completed prior to the day of surgery or procedure.
  • When scheduling your procedure, your doctor’s office MUST state that you are enrolling in the package program.

For more information, please call (520) 324-5976 to speak with a financial counselor. The financial counselor can assist you with package program guidelines, billing and payment arrangements.