Mending Broken Hearts.

We can help those with heart disease return to an active life and reduce their risk of later heart problems. A strong emphasis is placed on making lifestyle changes that affect long-term health. Our outpatient programs can benefit those who have suffered a heart attack within the last year, had coronary artery bypass surgery, suffer from chest pains, had heart valve repair or replacement, had angioplasty or stent placement, and those who have received a heart or heart/lung transplant. We utilize exercise and education as the main ways to improve how your heart works and give the patient the ability to fight heart disease.

Cardiac rehabilitation begins in the hospital. Our staff provides you with an individual exercise program, information about risk factors, education, counseling and a plan for home exercise and activities.

In the next phases, patients can attend one-hour exercise sessions two or three times a week for up to 18 weeks. During a session, staff closely monitors your heart rhythms and blood pressure, and continues to tweak and adjust the intensity of each workout. Patients are ecstatic about their results and many become life-long fitness enthusiasts.

Participation in this outpatient program requires a written prescription from your doctor. Medicare and most other insurances cover the cost of the post-hospital services, with participants paying a self-pay monthly fee. Please consult your physician or medical plan for eligibility information. TMC Cardiac Rehab is located at 1400 N. Wilmot Road, on the El Dorado Health Campus

For more information on our cardiac rehab programs, please call (520) 324-2727.