Specialty: Family Medicine

TMCOne: Knight - 5295 E. Knight Drive, (520) 324-4400

Now Accepting New Patients

Clark-Deuel.jpgJanna Clark-Deuel is an experienced nurse practitioner who specializes in family medicine, and focuses on building patient relationships that foster healthy lifestyles.

As a registered nurse and clinical nurse educator for many years, she has worked in several medical settings and has a strong appreciation for working one-on-one with patients.

She also favors establishing a welcome and supportive relationship that encourages patients to feel comfortable sharing their health challenges and concerns.

She recognizes how a patient’s family shapes their lifestyle. When preferred by the patient, Ms. Clark-Deuel includes the family as a part of the care team.

After losing a close family member to chronic disease, she understands how lifestyle contributes to overall health and she works with patients to create meaningful ways of incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into their lifestyle.

Ms. Clark-Deuel grew up in Bisbee and considers Arizona her home. A military spouse, she moved frequently and was glad to return to the mountains and sunsets of Southern Arizona in 1994.