Media Contacts

The Communications Team at Tucson Medical Center values the media as a partner in helping provide information to the public about important health care events and issues in the community. We will keep the media updated through our TMC News blog and advisories, amd we also will do our best to facilitate your requests in a timely and accurate manner. 

Contact us: Call (520) 324-6397 (NEWS) to reach the On-Call Communications Team member or email us at

Media Guidelines

Although we are happy to facilitate interviews with experts and patients, and often are able to accommodate requests for B-roll and live shots, Tucson Medical Center takes patient privacy rights very seriously. Members of the media interested in doing interviews, photographing or filming the buildings, staff, patients or patients' families must contact the TMC Communications Team in advance to gain access to the campus and facilities. We must receive written permission from patients before proceding with news interviews and photographs. A member of the Communications Team will accompany members of the news media while on campus. 

Patient Condition Reports

The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, provides strict guidelines about what kind of information is allowed to be released. Under those privacy guidelines, we may disclose only a one-word condition report - such as fair, serious or critical - about a patient in our hospital and only if the inquiry specifically asks for the patient by name. We cannot release any other information without written consent. Additionally, a patient, or someone authorized to act on the patient's behalf, can ask that we withhold all information, which would prevent us from confirming or denying that the patient is at TMC.