TMC Hospice's Heart Connections program can help you stay at home where you will be most comfortable in dealing with a progressing cardiac illness, such as congestive heart failure. We offer you support without taking away your hope. With Heart Connections, the focus is to maintain your independence, as well as your relationship with your cardiologist.

Features of Heart Connections:

  • Care guided by a team of specially trained cardiac nurses and other disciplines, delivered in the home setting.
  • Team is available around the clock to meet your needs.
  • Focus is on treating symptoms and what we can do to help support your goals.
  • We will talk to you about your wishes and advance directives, and you can determine your resuscitation status.
  • You stay on your cardiac medications to manage your symptoms.
  • You can continue to seek treatments including in-home labs, weight monitoring, diet assistance and echocardiograms.
  • We work closely with you and your physicians to manage symptoms quickly.

You will still need to qualify for hospice under Medicare guildlines for disease progression and prognosis. Hospice staff does not dwell on the "six months or less" terms so that you are not anxious about choosing our team as a care option.