TMC’s Women of Honor Courtyard publicly and permanently celebrates women who have enriched the lives of others in our community. The courtyard allows members of the community, and people everywhere, the opportunity to commemorate outstanding women in their lives.

TMC’s Women of Honor Courtyard is located at the Joel M. Childers, M.D., Women’s Center. The courtyard is a warm, inviting use of outdoor space that promotes walking, exploration, contemplation and healing. This courtyard represents TMC for Women and the physicians, nursing staff and most of all, patients and families.


Featuring handmade ceramic tiles by local artist Gail Roberts, the Women of Honor Tribute wall is a colorful, dynamic installation in the courtyard.

Each unique ceramic tile donation can be made as a single gift or as a combination of individual donations. The tiles will be added intermittently and will continue to branch out, creating a patchwork wall of dramatic colors that catch the dancing sunlight as you walk through the courtyard. The series includes a seed pod, a flower bud, a growing flower bud, and full bloom version of each tile offered. Tiles can be named with a minimum contribution of $250. A hand-painted image can be named for a contribution of $2,500.

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Your donation becomes a permanent part of the Women of Honor Courtyard and your honoree(s) are remembered forever. By donating to the courtyard, you are leaving a legacy for others to follow.

If you would like to honor someone with one of these today, please continue to the donation page at the link below. Thank you for your support!

$500 Level

These dynamic, free-form stylized tiles are seen sprinkled around the Women of Honor Wall and are embedded permanently. Brightly colored monochromatic tiles compose this commemorative piece. The donation amount to honor someone with this item is $500.

$1,000 Level
These seed donor tiles dot the Women of Honor Wall. This tile allows for longer names. The donation amount to honor someone with this item is $1,000.

$5,000 Level
This growth donor level has intricately tiled decorations. The bright and dramatic colors catch the dancing sunlight as you see the Women of Honor Wall. The donation to honor someone with this item is $5,000.

$7,500 Level
As a full bloom tile donor your honorees' names appear within the line of sight for visitors walking through the courtyard. These tiles are a dynamic element representing the section of the donor wall dedicated to the seniority and wisdom stage of life

To make a gift to honor a woman in your life click Honorlink.jpg