Specialty: Pediatrics

TMCOne: Rincon - 10350 E. Drexel, (520) 324-1727 (1PCP)

Now Accepting New Patients

Leitner.jpgDr. Katherine Leitner is a dedicated pediatrician who values strong communication and building trusting relationships with patients and their families.

As a parent, Dr. Leitner understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for children and recognizes the importance of establishing healthy habits early on.

She carefully listens to parent concerns and responds to each child’s unique situation and needs.

Dr. Leitner creates a detailed medical history for every patient, which serves as an important reference to guide future treatment. Most importantly, it ensures nothing is missed when a child is ill.

With experience as a parent and a pediatrician, Dr. Leitner can provide helpful real-world suggestions to encourage better nutrition, make time for physical activity and limit screen time.

In addition to overall health and general treatment, she also helps families address serious risks, such as water and sun safety.

Raised in Tucson, Dr. Leitner appreciates being close to her family. She enjoys the mountains, desert and culture of the Southwest.

Dr. Leitner is a true wildcat, earning an undergraduate degree and medical doctorate from the University of Arizona, where she also completed her pediatric residency.