Lung and esophageal cancers are complex. A targeted approach holds promise. Our Thoracic Oncology program offers expert care and advanced technology to ensure the best treatment options, even in complex cases.

Are you at risk?

If you are over 55 years old and are a former or current smoker, you might be a candidate for a lung screening. To discuss your risk, and determine if you could benefit from a screening, call (520) 324-5221. One of our nurse navigators can discuss your risk factors, and help you schedule a screening if you are eligible. Click to learn more about our lung cancer screening.

Patients with lung nodules that require further diagnostic testing or monitoring are excellent candidates for the Pulmonology Nodule Clinic. Treatment of lung masses will include a team made of up many different specialties; the center brings together expertise from multiple fields to provide the best treatment plan.

Nurse Navigator

If you are diagnosed with lung cancer, a certified nurse navigator is available to help. A nurse navigator can help ease stress and offers emotional support for patients and their family members from the point of a suspicious finding through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

A nurse navigator:

  • Helps patients navigate the health care system.
  • Provides educational and resources to promote lung health.
  • Consults one on one to help patients and family members better understand the diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Coordinates care and appointments for quicker treatment.
  • Identifies and provides assistance to overcome barriers to cancer care, including finances, transportation, language, communication, fear, etc.