TMC surgeons are expert in a range of surgical procedures, from the routine to the complex. Facilitated by advancements in technology, our surgeons prioritize effective methods that favor accelerated patient recovery and rehabilitation. In all areas, TMC surgical staff and surgeons are committed to patient safety and achieving optimal results.

Orthopaedic & Surgical Tower

The Tucson Medical Center Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower offers state-of-the-art surgical care in an environment that is comfortable for patients and their families. Opened in May 2013, this four-story facility includes 14 state-of-the-art operating rooms on the second floor for neurological, cardiac, vascular, bariatric, urologic, pediatric and general surgery.

A special emphasis on providing a comfortable waiting space for the families and loved ones of those having surgery shows in the dedicated adult and children waiting areas. The adult area has been set up for both comfort and privacy, while the pediatric lobby is tailored for our younger patients with features such as TVs, video games and toys.

In addition to the waiting area, pediatric patients have a separate track for surgery. All of the areas including pre-op and recovery are separate from the adult areas.

The tower's third floor includes 10 state-of-the-art operating rooms that are part of the TMC Orthopaedic Center, a unique center of excellence for orthopaedic care in Southern Arizona.

Joel M. Childers, M.D., Women's Surgery Center

A satellite surgical area within TMC for Women, the Joel M. Childers, M.D., Women's Surgery Center, provides both inpatient and outpatient elective, and surgical services focused on women. Procedures include tubal ligations, breast biopsies, mastectomies, hysterectomies, diagnostic as well as operative laparoscopies and simple, general and plastic surgeries.

Physicians have state-of-the art technology available to perform endoscopic procedures, which uses thin, flexible, lighted viewing instruments to examine inside of the body as well as robotics. These procedures tend to be less invasive than traditional surgeries.

Outpatient Surgery Center

Our Outpatient Surgery Center, conveniently located on the TMC campus at 2424 N. Wyatt Drive, offers the same experienced surgical teams and state-of-the-art equipment as our other surgery facilities, but in an environment developed for the timely turnaround of cases so you can get home as quickly as possible to begin your recuperation.

The Outpatient Surgery Center is ideal for generally healthy individuals undergoing less complex cases, such as podiatry procedures, small plastic surgeries and simple general cases. While these surgeries are considered less risky, should anything go wrong, the full resources of Tucson's largest hospital are on standby.