One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. While that number may seem scary, prostate cancer is treatable when caught early. Our team of specialists will work together to care for men with prostate cancer, offering a full range of treatments options. We will work closely with the patient to determine the best treatment that suits their specific needs.

Are you at risk?

Knowing your risk for developing prostate cancer is the first step in prevention and early detection. Learn about your risk by taking our free online Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment.

We are available to answer any questions you may have about prostate cancer.

Nurse Navigator

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you will be paired with a nurse navigator. The navigator helps ease stress and gives emotional support for patients and their family members from the point of a suspicious finding through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

A nurse navigator:

  • Helps patients navigate the health care system.
  • Provides educational and resources to promote breast health.
  • Consults one on one to help patients and family members better understand the diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Coordinates care and appointments for quicker treatment.
  • Identifies and provides assistance to overcome barriers to cancer care, including finances, transportation, language, communication, fear, etc.