Speakers are listed in order of appearance on the agenda

Brooks.jpgRobert Brooks, M.D. - Welcome & Overview

Dr. Brooks has practiced medicine in Tucson since 1982. He is a medical oncologist with a special interest in breast cancer. Dr. Brooks is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and a past member of ASCO's clinical practice committee. He is a founder of the Life Beyond Cancer Program, an annual retreat focusing on cancer survivorship held at Miraval in Tucson and has served on the editorial board of CURE Magazine. His past appointments have included Medical Director of Patient Advocacy for US Oncology, Chief of Staff of St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson, the Board of Directors of the Southern Arizona Division of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the Board of Directors of the Association of Community Cancer Centers. Dr. Brooks served as the first president of the Arizona Clinical Oncology Society. He has been recognized several times as a Best Doctor and also as one of America's Top Oncologists by the Consumers Research Council of America. Dr. Brooks currently serves as the Medical Director of Oncology Program at Tucson Medical Center and on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Oncology Foundation.



Aleksandar Sekulic, M.D., PhD - Genomics in 2018 & Immunotherapies 2.0

Dr. Sekulic focuses his research interests on developing translational approaches for the study of genomics in skin diseases; identifying the genetics and molecular mechanisms of malignant melanoma; discovering the molecular diagnostics of pigmented lesions; and understanding the regulation of epidermal proliferation and differentiation as it relates to human skin disease. He has served as a teacher and mentor for numerous residents and students and is a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Recognition Award from Mayo Medical School. Dr. Sekulic is the Associate Director for the Center for Individualized Medicine in Arizona.

Eger.jpgEdith Eva Eger, PhD – Keynote: The Choice, Embrace the Possible

A native of Hungary, Edith Eger was a teenager in 1944 when she and her family were sent to Auschwitz during the Second World War. Despite overwhelming odds, Edith survived the Holocaust and moved with her husband to the United States. Having worked in a factory whilst raising her young family, she went on to graduate with a PhD from the University of Texas and became an eminent psychologist. Today, she maintains a busy clinical practice and lectures around the world. Dr. Eger is the author of The Choice: Embrace the Possible. 'The Choice is a gift to humanity. One of those rare and eternal stories that you don't want to end and that leave you forever changed' Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Holstein.jpgDr. Lana Holstein, M.D. - Loving the One You're With – Intimacy After Cancer

Dr. Lana Holstein did her undergraduate work at Stanford University and initially thought law was her field.  However, after one year at Stanford law school, she decided to go into medicine.  She completed her medical training at Yale Medical School and did her Family Practice Residency (along with her physician husband) at the University of Arizona. After fifteen years of a shared family practice in Flagstaff, Arizona, they returned to Tucson, where Dr. Holstein was Director of Women's Health at Canyon Ranch for ten years and then the Managing Director of Sexuality and Vitality at Miraval Resort for six years during which their couples sexuality program was featured on Oprah.  She is now semi-retired; doing life coaching for individuals and groups and playing golf! Dr. Holstein is the author of How to Have Magnificent Sex, The 7 Dimensions of a Vital Sexual Connection.  She and her husband wrote a second sexuality book on their innovative program titled, Your Long Erotic Weekend: Four Days of Passion for a Lifetime of Magnificent Sex.  Dr. Holstein has appeared on national TV several times including the Today Show, the CBS Early Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show. 

Laing.jpgRachael Laing - Exercise, Diet, Inflammation and Alternative Treatments

Rachael Laing is a Certified Health Coach, yoga instructor and teaches plant based, whole foods nutrition and wellness. She works with clients that have cardiovascular issues and those who need to lose weight. Lange’s counseling includes plant-based nutrition, including healthy shopping, nutrition education and lessons on simple food preparation and meal planning. She also leads exercise programs at Tucson Medical Center.

Fernandez.JPGCelestino Fernández, Ph.D. – Closing Speaker: Finding Happiness Everyday

Celestino Fernández, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, served as professor of sociology at the University of Arizona for 39 years (until his retirement in 2015); he also served in several administrative positions, including as Vice President for Academic Outreach and International Affairs.  Prof. Fernández has published, taught courses, and lectured widely on various topics, including leadership, happiness, education, and immigration. He has published approximately 50 articles and book chapters, has composed about 50 corridos (Mexican ballads), and participated in as many accreditation reviews throughout the U.S. and abroad.  He continues to consult and teach a popular class on Happiness.  He completed both the M.A. and Ph.D. at Stanford University.