Parents, children, therapists, pediatricians and case managers report that TMC's Special Kids Programs have made a genuine difference in the lives of the children in these programs -- and in their parents' lives as well. The programs are successful for many reasons. First, each program has been developed in close consultation with parents, pediatricians and case managers. Second, pediatric therapists develop and lead each program. Most importantly, the children themselves create the success through their own efforts. These programs are available only at TMC.

Special Kids Programs are funded by the TMC Foundation through the support of The Stonewall Foundation. They provide much-needed help for the children of working families who are unable to afford health insurance and who do not qualify for government assistance, or cannot receive therapy in any other way. A small co-payment may be required.

All therapy services are by physican referral only. Please call (520) 324-6978 for more information.

Hands On Therapy

Hands On Therapy provides a burst of therapy for children when early intervention can make a significant difference in a child's development. In some cases, it can take months before insurance starts paying for therapy. The Hands On Therapy program provides a burst of therapy during this waiting time to ensure that a child is not held back in development. Children receive individual, hands-on therapy. It may include physical or speech therapy or occupational therapy, such as working on tying shoes or improving handwriting.

Aqua Kids

Aqua Kids began in October 1999, to the delight of parents and their children with special needs. The program brings parents and children of all ages into a warm-water pool to participate in therapeutic water activities under the direction of physical therapists. The pool is a fun place for children to discover mobility, strengthen muscles, improve coordination and learn water safety skills. Interaction among the children is fostered through group activities. Parents learn therapeutic water activities that are beneficial to their children, so both can feel confidence and joy in pool activities in the future.

Fit Kids

Fit Kids involves parents and their child in activities that help children become physically fit and healthy. Classes are held once a week for six weeks focusing on children and parents learning about nutrition, planning meals, stretching and having fun exercising. The goal is not to lose weight, but for these children to grow into their current weight while becoming more active and practicing good nutrition. Fit Kids also improve their social skills and establish their own exercise goals. Siblings are welcome. The size of the group and its age range varies, but classes are small with children ranging in age from 7 to 16. The class is held four times a year.

Hear Start

Hear Start provides children with a complete audiological assessment and refers their parents to appropriate community agencies. Early testing is important – undetected problems can slow a child's progress in school and overall development.