You are more than your diagnosis. Let your clinical team care for the part of you that isn’t well, and let us help you continue to live, survive and thrive.

TMC Wellness and Arizona Oncology have teamed up to provide the four-week Survive Well series to help patients, survivors and caregivers improve their health through an integrative approach to wellness. Each session addresses a different health topic such as nutrition, physical activity and psychosocial support. Let our team of professionals help you not just survive but to “survive well.”

Survive Well lectures are every Tuesday (excluding holidays), 10 – 11 a.m., at Arizona Oncology, on 2625 N.  Craycroft Road, second floor in The Survive Well Conference Room. No fee or registration is required.

Weekly topics repeat each month.

Live Well: Learn how focusing on your overall health and finding a balance of mind, body and spirit can help improve your quality of life and manage the stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis

Nutrition: Treat your body right by feeding it the best fuel possible so you can feel better and tolerate treatments better.

Psychosocial Health and Wellness: Discover your new normal and how to talk with others about your diagnosis; discuss psychological and social issues that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Movement: Discuss and enjoy restorative therapies to help keep your body moving.

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