Eric Anctil M.D.
Physician Strategy Committee Chair
Tucson Orthopaedic Institute

Arnie Aros
Finance & Investment Committee Chair
Financial Services (retired)

Henry K. Boice
Quality Care Committee Chair
Northern Trust Bank

David Cohen
Beach Fleischman PC

Stephen G. Eggen
Compensation Committee Chair
Raytheon Co. (retired)

Louise L. Francesconi
Board of Trustees Chair
Raytheon Co. (retired)

Jay A. Katz M.D.
Tucson Orthopaedic Institute (retired)

Eduardo A. Leon
Leon-Taylor Management Inc.

Clifford Martin M.D.
Chief-of-Staff Elect
Southern Arizona Infections Disease Specialists

Judy Rich R.N.
President and CEO
TMC HealthCare

Alan K. Rogers M.D.
Arizona Community Physicians

Ira H. Rosenberg
Managed Care Resources Inc.

Steven Siwik M.D.
TMC Foundation Board of Trustees Chair
Radiology Ltd.

Beckie Torrey
Audit and Compliance Committee Chair
Raytheon Co.(retired)

Gay Tosch
Board Quality & Care Committee Chair
General Motors Co. (retired)

Jon R. Young
Board of Trustees Vice Chair
Holdings & GLPIC Chair
Oracle Capital Advisors LLC (retired)

Paul Yurkanin M.D.
Chief of Staff
Arizona Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery PLLC