Diabetes Education Program

TMC Diabetes Education Program is offered by certified diabetes educators, including registered nurses and dietitians, and is comprehensive and individual to each participant. Priorities are determined through an individual assessment focusing on areas of concern determined by the client and educator. The program provides education for those newly diagnosed or to update those in need of improved control. Individuals are responsible for checking their insurance coverage for diabetes education.

Individual counseling is available for those with Type 1, Type 2 or pregnancy complicated with diabetes (gestational diabetes) and those who need insulin education including advanced insulin pump training. Spanish-speaking appointments are available in all areas on an individual basis upon request. Areas covered include: glucose targets and pair testing to achieve control, meal planning for glucose and weight control, impact of physical activity, carbohydrate to insulin dosing and correction, impact of physical activity on glucose, and when to call your provider.

Group – Diabetes self-management training, or DSMT, classes consist of five hours of diabetes education and five hours of meal planning and physical activity. These classes are provided to those who want more in-depth education. These classes are provided over four sessions. Areas addressed include disease process of diabetes, prevention of complications, lifestyle issues and choices, medication understanding, goal setting, and the impact of stress and how to better manage it.

Group – Gestational diabetes classes are offered weekly, providing glucose-monitoring education, meal planning, gestational-diabetes disease process and its impact on baby and mother. Insulin education is provided if applicable. Emphasis is on lifestyle management for best outcomes. These classes are also available in Spanish.

TMC Diabetes Education requires a medical referral. Fax referrals to (520) 324-6162. For appointment scheduling call (520) 324-2075. To speak to an educator for additional information
call (520) 324-3526 or (520) 324-1265.

*The American Diabetes Association Recognizes this education service as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.

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