Water Safety

Safe Kids Pima County coalition works to prevent all water related incidents, including those in pools, hot-tubs or spas, open water and homes.  Whether fatal or not, all drowning and near-drownings are preventable.

In an effort to reduce child drownings, near drownings and drain entrapments in our community, Safe Kids Pima County provides free pool and spa safety checks to families who have backyard pools and spas. More information...

Through the efforts of the Safe Kids Pima County coalition, community partners and the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona we ask you to join our effort in ensuring kids are safe in and around water.

Safe Kids Pima County helps in maintaining the statistics for Pima County Water-Related Incidents.

Water Safety is for You!

Each April, Safe Kids Pima County partners with eight area schools to teach an integrative first-grade curriculum that reinforces the ABCs of water safety:

A = Adult supervision
B = Barriers around pools, spas and hot tubs
C = Classes; swim lessons and life-saving CPR classes

Through funding secured by donations and grants, more than 800 children participate in this exciting life-saving program. Upon completion of the classroom teaching, all the schools come together for the Water Safety is for YOU! event at the Mulcahy YMCA at Kino Community Center. The children enjoy a day of song, interactive activities and rewards to celebrate their commitment to water safety.

In the spring 2010, Safe Kids Pima County piloted a third-grade curriculum that further reinforces the messaging learned in first grade. By participating in Water Safety is for YOU! each school has pledged its dedication to keep students water-safe. 

August - Drowning Impact Awareness Month

Arizona ranks second in the nation for child drowning and summer months bring increased incidents. It is the second most common cause of injury in our state and is a tragedy that knows no bounds while being completely preventable. 

Throughout Arizona, August is recognized as Drowning Impact Awareness Month. Purple ribbons are worn as a reminder of those lost in water incidents. To receive purple ribbons, Water Watcher Safety Cards, signs and general information on the ABCs of Water Safety, email safekidspimacounty@tmcaz.com.

View a photo slideshow from the 2010 August Drowning Prevention Kick Off.