Healthy Living Connections

Healthy Living Connections is a place for older adults to access community resources for key health and wellness issues. Programming includes a health information center, classes and lectures on health topics, health screenings, community agency satellite offices such as the American Parkinson's Disease Association.

Why is healthy aging important?

Americans are living longer than ever before. As a result, people are acquiring and living with chronic illnesses. 88 percent of older adults (65+) are coping with one or more chronic diseases which can limit daily functioning and quality of life. However, many chronic illnesses can be prevented, delayed and managed by good nutrition, physical activity and access to information.

Healthy Living Connections guides adults in making better food and exercise choices and provides education on health issues to support the prevention, delay and management of chronic illnesses.

Many events, seminars and educational series are held at Healthy Living Connections. Check out the current Calendar of Events (Sep-Oct-Nov) or see events on TMC's Community Calendar. Also, if you are attending or have attended an upcoming event and would like to download the handouts, click here.

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