Help for Consumers

How to Use TMC's Find Providers Service

As you search, keep in mind that TMC's Find Provider service is not a comprehensive listing of every provider in Southern Arizona. Remember that you can search by any or all of the criteria listed below. The more criteria you add, the more you narrow your search.

Search by Name of Practice
Keep in mind that the name of a practice, "XYZ Doctors of Southern Arizona," is often different from the name of the providers in the practice. If you want to search by practice, be sure to type in the name correctly. Searches are not case sensitive.

Search by Name of Provider
If you are searching by the name of a provider, make sure you are spelling the name correctly. If you are not sure of how to spell the name, try searching by specialty, for example, "pediatrician," instead.

Search by Zip Code
TMC's Find Provider service covers only providers in southern Arizona. If you don't find any providers in the zip code you entered, check the zip code or search by specialty only.

No Listings Found
If your search produces no listings, review the suggestions above and broaden your search. If you want to contact us about your search results, click here to e-mail us.

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