Canto is designed to let you use your iPad for quick, easy access to a patient’s chart while you are on the go. It will provide you with detailed reports so that you can make clinical decisions while you are in the clinic, rounding in the hospital, or on call.

With Canto you can view a patient's medications, lab results, care team, allergies and much more. You will be able to access Results and Staff Messages as well as your clinic schedule and patient lists.

Canto is Free

TMC is able to offer Canto free of charge to all members of its Professional Staff.

Activating Canto

To activate Canto please complete the information below. You will need to provide your contact and device information.


If you have any questions about Canto please email

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Physician Information

The information collected below is to ensure that the IS staff can set up your device securely. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the Canto IS staff.

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