DAISY Award for RNs

Families honor nurses with DAISY Award

Daisy Award nominations come from patients, families, doctors, fellow caregivers or others in the community. The TMC Nursing Professional Development Council selects the quarterly Daisy Award winners.

TMC's DAISY Award winners for the last few years include:

  • Mei So, Adult Med
  • Stacie Wood, L&D
  • Jill McKinnon, Neuro
  • Diann Koehler, Neuro

  • Megan Acker, Case Management
  • Jeremy Friezen, Unit 650
  • Jennifer Hamilton, Unit 850
  • Danielle Garcia, PICU

  • Pat Ledin, Clinical Informatics
  • Nicole Ralston, TMC Hospice
  • Sandra Goza, Unit 850
  • Ashley Moran, Post-Surgical

Each Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses comes with a certificate, a pin, a “Healer’s Touch” hand-carved sculpture from the Shona nation in Zimbabwe, and recognition on the nurse's unit - including a banner and plenty of Cinnabons.

More information on the national award is found at www.daisyfoundation.org.

If you would like to nominate a TMC nurse, please print and mail the nomination form.