Mammography is a breast cancer-screening exam that uses low doses of X-rays to image the inside of the breast. It is used to detect and diagnose breast disease in women with breast symptoms, such as a lump, pain or nipple discharge, and in women with no breast complaints (asymptomatic). Mammograms can often detect breast lumps before they can be felt.
The American Cancer Society recommends a yearly screening mammography for all women 40 years of age and older.

During a mammogram, the breast is compressed to spread the tissue apart and to allow a lower dose of Xray. The compression lasts only a few seconds. Any discomfort is temporary. Screening mammography takes about 20 minutes.

TMC uses computer-aided detection, or CAD, in the mammography process. CAD helps radiologists with accurate detection of abnormalities, keeping unnecessary procedures to a minimum. Studies show that facilities with this technology have a lower incidence of undetected cancers missed due to observational oversights.

Screening Mammography 

Includes two views of each breast for women without current symptoms, known breast cancer or breast implants. Women with breast implants need additional views, therefore additional costs apply.

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