The Chapel

The TMC Chapel, located just south of the Cafeteria, is open at all times.

The O.J. Farness, M.D., Memorial Stained Glass

To design this window I began by looking within myself for the spiritual elements that have nurtured me in times of sadness or crisis; for those sustaining principles in my life and the way I would represent them to another.

Life cycles and the quiet strength of living things have always had a powerful effect upon me. I lived my early years in Alaskan wilderness with my parents who were authors and explorers. Later, a friend and I spent four years alone in the mountains of Alaska, living from the land and building everything we needed with materials the country provided. So for me there is a strong kinship with this earth.

The window, itself, combines many images. I see strength in the ancient tree trunks and a promise of growth and renewal in a single young branch. The background expands into sky and clouds (or perhaps mountains) with a ray of light transecting the scene, shifting the quality of each thing it touches. Under the vault of limbs is a circle, integrated into the picture and yet complete of itself, a window that tunnels through into the beyond.

Glass can be a very fluid and expressive medium, for essentially you are painting with light. This piece is designed for a predominance of "antique" glass offsetting bevels. This will give a clarity and life to the panel that will change with every mood of the day and from each angle it is viewed. And by combining representational form with abstraction, I seek to ground the viewer while allowing each person to contribute his own meaning to it.

By the artist,
Jean Aspen
Aspen-Irons Studio

The O.J. Farness, M.D., Memorial Stained Glass