Patient Resources

Tucson Medical Center offers information and resources to patients, families and visitors to make the TMC experience as understandable and comfortable as possible.

Click here to view our new Patient Visitor Guide for information about our campus and a number directory of services you may need during your visit at Tucson Medical Center.


Here are suggestions for patients and visitors, to allow patients to concentrate on resting and getting well while at TMC:

• Ask your physician what to expect during your stay. Will you feel well enough for calls or visitors? The more you can communicate in advance, the better callers or visitors can know what's best for you.

• If you expect several people to be checking on you, designate one person to find out how you are and pass the word. This individual can assist by: helping you to put together a list of people who would like to know how you are doing; getting and sharing regular condition reports with friends and family; helping establish times for visitation; and letting people know what they can do or bring in for you.

Located in the center of the hospital, the TMC Cafeteria is open for extended hours daily. TMC also offers hot and cold food at Peppers Café, adjacent to the Gift Shop, and Higher Grounds, in the lobby of the Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower, on weekdays.

Tell your nurse if you want to see a spiritual advisor or clergy member who represents your religious preference. TMC Pastoral Services can arrange a visit. For your convenience, the TMC Chapel is always open for quiet meditation and prayer.

While in the hospital, you may have a question about ethical issues related to your medical treatment. If you would like to talk with a member of the hospital Ethics Committee regarding any question of an ethical nature, please call the hospital operator by dialing 0. You may want to consult with your physician or nurse before calling, but that is not required.

You may have your take-home prescriptions filled at our pharmacy before you leave the hospital. The Outpatient Pharmacy is located near the West Entrance, and is open six days a week.

Accounts are due and payable in full at the time of billing. This requirement may be waived if it is evident that insurance will cover the full amount of the hospital bill. If insurance is insufficient, payment is due by one or more of the following methods:
• deposit made before or upon admission
• cash payment during hospital stay
• cash or other payment upon discharge

The TMC Auxiliary’s Gift Shop is open daily, offering cards, stationery, paperbacks, magazines, apparel and sundries. The Gift Shop also has fresh flower arrangements and can take floral orders.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital. Please ask your nurse regarding access.

A living will is a written statement by a competent person 18 years or older specifying medical treatment that is wanted (or not wanted) as a patient approaches the end of life. A living will takes effect only when you cannot express your wishes yourself.

A health-care power of attorney is a written statement in which you name an adult to make healthcare decisions for you when you cannot make or communicate such decisions yourself. Ask your nurse for both forms and assistance with their completion.

During your stay at TMC, you will receive three meals a day plus any between-meal nourishment that is allowable on your diet or ordered by your physician. The day you are admitted to the hospital, Food Service is advised of your doctor's instructions for your diet. On your first full day at TMC you will receive a menu from which to make your selections for the next day. If your have been placed on a modified diet to follow at home, you can get additional instructions from a dietitian during your stay. Ask your nurse to make arrangements. If you have questions regarding food service or about your diet, please ask to see a Food Service representative.

MyChart lets you securely access online personalized health information about your health and your stay at TMC. With Internet access and an email account you can access MyChart from your home computer, smart phone or tablet at any time, day or night. Once in MyChart, you can review past hospital visits; view your health summary, current list of medications and allergies; view test and lab results as released by your physician; access medical information of children or dependent adults, including access to immunizations given while in the hospital; and view discharge instructions.

If you want to take advantage of MyChart’s features, it’s easy to sign up. All inpatients receive a letter when they are admitted that contains an access code. (The code has an expiration date so don’t wait too long to sign up.) Go to and under “New User?” click the “Sign up now” link. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. If you have problems, call (520) 324-6400.

Donation of organs and tissues for transplantation is a gift of life and health for many people with a serious or life-threatening disease. Organs that can be donated include kidneys, the liver, the heart and lungs. Tissues for donations include corneas, bone and skin. Tell your nurse if you would like to talk with a TMC representative about donations.

Parking areas surround TMC. Free valet service is available at the West and Northeast Entrances, and shuttles run continuously from the hospital to outlying parking lots.

Volunteers from the TMC Auxiliary Patient Assistance Program visit patients in many non-intensive-care nursing units, usually on the second day of hospitalization. The volunteers give information about the hospital, help patients obtain various services and amenities, identify special needs of patients, learn of patient problems and institute any required corrective action. You can reach the Patent Assistance Program at (520) 324-5355.

If your wish to hire a private duty nurse, call Nursing Operations at (520) 324-1553, for assistance in making arrangements. Private duty nurses are not employed by the hospital. They will bill you separately for their services.

Patient rooms are not equipped with radios. Background music is available, however, on several television channels. If you wish to bring a radio for your room, it must be battery operated and have earphones if you are sharing a room so that you do not disturb your roommate.

Newspapers are available on many units, and can be purchased from vending machines near entrances, the Cafeteria and Gift Shop. Books and magazines may be purchased at the TMC Gift Shop. Loaned materials are available from the Volunteer Services office. Requests for reading material can be given to a Patient Assistance Program representative or a message can be left at (520) 324-5355.

Tucson Medical Center is a tobacco-free organization – TMC is committed to promoting good health, wellness and disease prevention for our patients, the community and our employees. For this reason, we have implemented a Tobacco-Free campus and prohibit the use of smoking and tobacco products on all of our TMC campuses, offsite offices and outpatient centers. We thank you for your cooperation.

Spanish and other foreign language assistance is available via special phones that your nurse can provide wherever they are needed. Spanish language translators are also available through your nurse or by calling (520) 324-2836 during business hours.

TMC's Auxiliary operates a surrey service to help patients and visitors get to their destinations on the TMC campus. Surreys can transport visitors externally, while a Courtesy Car helps visitors navigate the interior halls of TMC during business hours. For assistance, ask an Auxiliary representative at one of the Main Entrances or call (520) 324-5888. TMC Transportation also operates a continuous shuttle service on weekdays to connect the hospital with outlying parking areas.

Health insurance is one of the most important investments an individual or family ever makes. Illnesses, injuries and other medical setbacks can be astronomically expensive if hospital visits, surgery or other serious measures are required; maintaining health coverage is the only way to ensure these emergency medical costs do not come out of pocket. Access more information and resources for patients and families provided by Medical Billing & Coding

Effective May 6, Valet Services will be available in front of the Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower from 5:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., and at the Northeast Entrance of the main hospital from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

*Keys left in the Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower valet after it closes will be given to the Security Officer at the concierge desk. Guest can retrieve keys from the concierges desk and request physical assistance to your car if necessary.

*Guests who leave keys in the NE Entrance of Main hospital valet after it closes should call 4-1111 and a Transportation staff member will retrieve your car. This information is included on the valet ticket.

Guests may brighten your day, but they also can tire you. The choice to receive visitors is yours. If you do not want visitors or want them to stay only a short time, tell your nurse. TMC does not post restricted visiting hours, but there may be limitations in particular areas for clinical reasons. TMC also provides several comfortable lobbies for waiting families and friends.

TMC has many pleasant patios, sidewalks and numerous halls. If you are allowed to leave your bed and walk around, check with your nurse regarding how far you may go. When you decide to take a stroll, be sure to tell your nurse you are leaving your room. For your comfort and safety, please wear a robe and shoes or slippers. 

PHONE NUMBERS (all in 520 area code)
• Patient Advocate 324-2836
• Patient Assistance Program 324-5355
• Outpatient Pharmacy 324-1890
• Pastoral Services 324-5198
• Courtesy Car/Surrey Service 324-5888 or 324-5889 (Monday - Friday only)
• TMC Gift Shop 324-4885
• Desert Cradle Boutique 324-2180