Quality at TMC

As a community hospital, TMC HealthCare strives to be accountable and transparent to our patients and the public. What do we mean by that? Being accountable means being “responsible” or “answerable.” Accountability is at the heart of the TMC Employee Code of Conduct.

TMC's quality data is designed to better inform the community about the work we do and to improve the quality of services offered. We're also sharing what we're doing to ensure your visit to Tucson Medical Center is the best it can be.

We are proud of the work we do and also know that we can continually improve the quality of care and customer service.

Here's one example of how the electronic medical record has improved patient care at TMC.

From 166 minutes to 10 -- improving the time it takes to get medications to patients.In 1995, before pharmacy automation was introduced at Tucson Medical Center, medication turnaround averaged 166 minutes from the time a doctor wrote a prescription for a patient to the time Pharmacy delivered the drug to Nursing for administration. TMC introduced its automated dispensing machine, Pyxis, in 1996 and by the next year saw the average turnaround time drop to 117 minutes. In 1997, TMC implemented scanning devices, which allowed physician orders to be scanned and sent directly to Pharmacy. This improved turnaround to an average of 82 minutes. Now with OneChart, a review of 5,000 medication administrations found an average turnaround time of 9.96 minutes, with more than 60 percent of all medications released and available to Nursing in 5 minutes or less.