TMC's Electronic Medical Record

TMC is proud to continue to provide you with the most advanced medicine available with OneChart, TMC's Electronic Medical Record.

OneChart, TMC's electronic medical record, was the first fully electronic hospital medical record in Southern Arizona.This system allows TMC doctors to better serve their patients, with computerized prescriptions and orders, lab and imaging results, medical history and clinical notes.

Fewer errors, more effective treatment. OneChart eliminates errors that are caused by scrawled handwritten prescriptions and diagnoses. Computerized records improve the way doctors and nurses communicate, write and send orders, and access patient information. In addition, all medications are now bar-coded, and when a doctor prescribes a medication that may conflict with other medications or the dosage seems extreme, the computer sends an alert.

It’s not hard to see how these new protocols improve care and help save lives.

With OneChart, you’re part of a network. Saguaro Physicians has been using OneChart since October 2009, and its system is linked to TMC. If a patient comes to the Emergency Department, the hospital can access the medical records immediately.This makes for better
communication between doctors and nurses, and provides much faster, more effective emergency room visits.

TMC's OneChart is featured in Tucson Lifestyle October 2010 Edition.