ABC's of Water Safety Checklist


  • Do you maintain constant eye-to-eye supervision with children around ANY body of water (pool, bath, buckets, etc.)?
  • Have you assigned an adult to supervise children around ANY water, especially at parties?
  • Do you know that floaties or other inflatable flotation are NOT life jackets and should NEVER be substituted for adult supervision?
  • Have you posted the 911 emergency number, and both the home address and phone number on every phone?


  • Is there a fence in good repair that separates your pool from the house and play yard?
  • Is the pool gate closed and locked?
  • Are all doors and windows leading to the pool area locked?
  • Is there any way a child could get into the pool, such as squeezing through a hole in the fence?
  • Have you emptied all containers that hold water and stored them upside down?
  • Is there a clear view (no trees or other obstacles) from the house to the pool or spa?
  • Are there chairs, tables or toys nearby that a child could use to climb over the pool fence?


  • Have you been trained in CPR?
  • Do you have your child enrolled in swim lessons (if over the age of 4)?
  • Have you taken appropriate safety classes before boating or jet skiing?

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