William L. Abraham, MD

Internal Medicine
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Same-Day Access Provider

After completing his three-year internal medicine residency training program at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut (a Yale affiliate), Dr. Abraham spent an additional year of training in Pulmonary Medicine (lung diseases) at the University of New Mexico. He is board-certified in internal medicine.

In addition to being skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of innumerable medical conditions and diseases, Dr. Abraham is particularly interested in preventive medicine and believes that a physician should play a major role in educating patients about their health and medical problems. The more knowledge patients have, the more they can be involved in their own care and therefore become healthier. Open communication is also an essential element in his relationship with his patients.

Dr. Abraham is dedicated to patients who need same-day appointments. His focus is on patients who cannot get into see their regular practitioner or who need quick access to care after being discharged from the hospital.