Changing Lives, Addressing Unmet Needs

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TMC for Children completed an expansion of its pediatric facilities and services this summer to continue in its role as a leader in hospital services for children. TMC opened the region’s first pediatric wing in 1962 and today faces a similar need for dramatic expansion. In 2000, Tucson had a city population of 486,699, more than a 20 percent increase over the previous census. In 2006, the estimated population had grown to 518,956, with escalating numbers of families of child-bearing age. And, with our regional focus, TMC’s total market area population is now greater than 1 million. In winter 2008, the Pima County Health Department issued an advisory confirming an acute shortage of general pediatric and intensive care beds. During the winter, children and their families too often are forced to travel to Phoenix, El Paso or sometimes even San Diego or Albuquerque for urgently needed hospital care. Centralizing and expanding pediatric services, increasing staffing and creating additional family spaces within the hospital has made TMC even more family- and child-friendly, reduced stress and wait times, and increased access to needed services and health care. Chosen by more families than any other hospital in Southern Arizona for their pediatric care, TMC has a responsibility to fulfill the region’s health care needs. By providing private rooms for children, while also enhancing and centralizing pediatrics services overall, will help TMC meet community demand and further our longstanding tradition of leadership in providing The Most Care to Southern Arizona children and families. To make a donation to the Block by Block campaign, click here