For our Community

Judy Rich, TMC president and chief executive officer

Completed in the Summer of 2011

  • Create 44 new private pediatrics rooms, remodel current rooms to private
  • Create a dedicated entrance for pediatrics services
  • Provide more space for families, in community rooms and at the patient bedside Enhance play areas for children
  • Create a special area for adolescents
  • Enhance coordination of pediatrics services
  • Expand pediatrics outpatient services and capacity
  • Expand the pediatrics facilities with 16,000 square feet of new space and 12,500 square feet of renovated space.

Southern Arizona children need a community hospital focused on providing top-quality health and hospital services in an environment that is appropriate for their age and calming for their families. And that is precisely the tradition that TMC intends to build upon - with your support.

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