Meet Jacob, Arizona's 2011 Champion Child

Tucson Medical Center patient Jacob Mockbee has been chosen to represent the state of Arizona for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champions program in 2011.

Mockbee, 13, has been treated at TMC for multiple medical issues related to his spina bifida, with more than 50 surgeries performed since early childhood.  He has been selected for the CMN program because of his courage in battling his health challenges.

The Champions program brings together children from across the United States that have tackled severe medical challenges. They represent the 17 million children that are treated at 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals every year. Through the Champions program, they will support fundraising campaigns for hospitals like TMC throughout the year. In October, they will visit Washington, D.C. and then Walt Disney World to inspire others to support children’s hospitals.

In Washington D.C., Champions will visit The White House and Capitol Hill, where they meet with Arizona representatives to share their stories. Following their trip to the nation’s capitol, the Champions and their families take part in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ annual Celebration event in Orlando, Fla. Celebration unites hospitals, sponsors and celebrities to celebrate achievements, share best practices and honor the children who benefit from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ fundraising efforts.

“These Champions are the heart and soul of what we do,” said John Lauck, president and CEO, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “Their inspirational stories are proof that the $236 million we raise each year for children’s hospitals makes a difference. However, our hospitals give away billions of dollars in charity care each year, so these children also serve as a reminder that the need to support children’s hospital is still great.”

2011 is the 15th continuous year for the Champions program.