Healing Art

The TMC Healing Art Program helps patients heal with surroundings that inspire, encourage and cheer. Research shows that appropriate art in hospitals makes everyone feel better – speeding recovery, reducing pain and often shortening hospital stays.* A well designed art program improves the environment for patients, visitors and staff.

What We Collect

TMC’s Healing Art Program accepts donations of gallery-quality paintings, graphics, photography and sculpture. The program considers all styles of art that would further our mission to enhance patient care through the creation and maintenance of a healing environment.

To the right, the slideshow offers a sampling of healing art currently on the walls of Tucson Medical Center.

The goal is to create a hospital environment that complements health care by creating a stimulating and attractive atmosphere for the benefit of patients, their families, staff and visitors.

Where Does the Art Come From

The TMC Healing Art Program accepts donations and bequests from collectors, such as those who may have art in storage or are downsizing. The goal is to populate miles of hallways, numerous courtyards and many public spaces throughout the TMC campus with life-enhancing art. Donors may be eligible to receive tax benefits for their gifts.

How You Can Help

The Art Acquisitions Committee reviews all proposed donations for both quality and consistency with the healing mission of TMC. For more information on how to contribute works of art please contact the TMC Foundation, (520) 324-3116, and a member of the Healing Art Program will respond promptly.

Charitable contributions of cash are also important for supporting the program. Funds are used for framing, installation and maintenance of the art. For information on how to make a charitable contribution to support the TMC Healing Art Program, please call Michael Duran, (520) 324-3116.

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