A bequest is one of the simplest and most flexible means of gift planning. It offers you the opportunity to make a more substantial gift than might be possible during your lifetime. A bequest can be as simple as a paragraph and can take a variety of forms. The following types of bequests are most common:

  • Specific Bequest — You designate that a specific dollar amount, property or percentage of your estate be left to the TMC Foundation.
  • Residual Bequest — Your estate will pay all debts, taxes, expenses and specific bequests first. The remaining amount will be transferred to the TMC Foundation.
  • Contingent Bequest — Most people have family obligations, which are the primary motive for executing a will. However, the TMC Foundation may be named a contingent beneficiary in order to receive any assets meant for family or friends who predecease you.

By creating or revising your estate plan, you will gain peace of mind in knowing you have helped secure the future of your heirs and assisted the various charitable organizations that have meant so much to you. You will leave a significant legacy to your loved ones as well as to the TMC Foundation, and can rest assured that your estate plan will be fulfilled as you intended.

If you already have included a gift to benefit the TMC Foundation in your will or estate plan, please let us know. We will be able to acknowledge and thank you for your generosity, or, if you so desire, we will keep your bequest intention confidential. In either case, you may rest assured that your gift will be put to good use to enhance the future of health care for the Southern Arizona community.

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