Marlene Bluestein, MD

Internal Medicine
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Dr. Bluestein is board certified in Internal Medicine with a sub-specialty focus on Geriatrics. Dr. Bluestein is a graduate from State University of New York, Buffalo, New York. Dr. Bluestein’s internal medicine training and geriatric fellowship were completed at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals, Madison Wisconsin. Further training was received at the University of Wisconsin School of Public Health and rounding her educational background; Dr. Bluestein completed a Visiting Fellow in Geriatric Medicine at University College Hospital, London, England.

"The geriatric population has been my focus throughout my professional career. I enjoy working and listening to the life experiences of this special group of individuals; this allows me to understand and work collaboratively with my patients, their family and care-givers in creating a relationship dedicated to quality of life and the ongoing well being of the geriatric patient. Life is a journey and enjoyment should be experienced in every year and phase of life. I feel fortunate to be involved in the health and well being of this patient population as their journey through life continues."