Child Life Specialists

One of the most important steps to recovery and wellness is the patient’s confidence and trust in the healing process. TMC’s Child Life Program offers certified child-life specialists who work to promote positive health care experiences for children and their families. Child life specialists meet the social, emotional and psychological needs of our young patients.

With funding from Children’s Miracle Network, the child life specialists have the necessary tools to help children feel as comfortable as possible during their hospital stay. Whether it’s showing a movie while the child undergoes a fluoroscopy test or facilitating a medical play session, child life specialists provide age-appropriate distractions for children and help prepare them for medical procedures using anatomical dolls and other tools that can reach children at their individual development level. And, with the “tree library”, outdoor courtyards, video-game room and play room, the children just might have a little fun while they are here. 

Child life specialists work throughout the hospital, including the pediatric units, fluoroscopy area, surgery and emergency departments.