Pediatric Surgery

Children may need surgery for many different reasons - from basic procedures to more complex, life-saving treatment. The surgeons from Arizona Pediatrics Specialists limit their practice to the special requirements of children. In addition, they work with pediatricians and pediatric specialists to make sure your child gets the best care available. 

Whether inpatient surgery or ambulatory (same-day) surgery, children and their parents can tour the hospital to gain an understanding of how things will proceed. If your child requires sedation, surgeons work closely with dedicated pediatric anesthesiologists and a child-life specialist is available too! Web site resources are available to prepare your child for surgery.

We continue today with our commitment to provide your child the best surgical care available. Our surgeons work in multi-disciplinary teams with pediatricians, clinical nurse specialists, case managers, and you to ensure your child’s health needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Ambulatory Surgery Resources: