Hi Kids! This is to help you learn about what to expect when you have to have surgery. Do you know what part of your body your doctor will be working on? If you don't know, ask your Mom or Dad and they can help you!

When you come for surgery at Tucson Medical Center, you will come to a place called Ambulatory Surgery.  Before you meet anyone there is place where you can play, read books, and have a fun time with your parents.  When the nurse is ready she will call your name so she can check your weight and how tall you are. The nurse will also ask your parents lots of questions. 

After the nurse has finished, you and your parents will go to a different room.  There the nurse will check your temperature with a thermometer the moves across your forehead. She will also use a white clip or a sticker with a red light that checks how well you are breathing.  She might check your blood pressure with a machine that gives your arm a tight hug.  After the nurse is finished you will meet more people who will help you learn about the rest of your day.

You will meet a Child Life Specialist, who will bring in toys and help answer any of your questions. You will also meet your Anesthesiologist, or Sleep Doctor; this is the person who will give you the sleepy medicine during your surgery. Your doctor will also come in and talk to you before your surgery. You will also meet the nurse that will be with your during your surgery. 

After you and your parents have met everyone, the Sleep Doctor and the nurse that will be in the operating room will come to your room to take you back to the operating room for your surgery. Your bed has wheels, so you go ride to the room. Sometimes you can even play games while you fall asleep with the Child Life Specialist.

Before you fall asleep the doctors and nurses might put some stickers on your arm. All of these things are called monitors and are used to make sure that you are doing ok during your surgery. The Sleep Doctor will make sure that you stay asleep the whole time. The sleep for your surgery is different than how you sleep at night. You won't be able to hear, see, or feel anything in this sleep. Your parents will wait in the lobby where you first came in and will stay there the whole time. Your parents will also be there when you wake up.

When you wake up you will be in a different room. There will be a nurse with you making sure you are ok and your parents will be back with you. Sometimes you might feel sleepy or dizzy, that is just the sleepy medicine, and the feeling will go away. When you wake up you will still have the monitors on, those help the nurse to know that you are ok. You will also have a small tube taped to your hand. That tube is there to give your body a drink and help give your body medicine; your job is to leave it alone.

If you get to go home after your surgery, the nurses will wait until you are sitting up and maybe even having a popsicle or something to drink. If you get to go home, the nurse will then take the tape off of your IV and put a band-aid on. Then it will be time to put on your own clothes. The nurse will have your parent bring their car up to the door and they will let you ride in a wheelchair out to the car. Then you will get to go home and will be all done with surgery. If you will be staying in the hospital, the nurse will take you and your parents to the kids area in the hospital.

WOW that is a lot to learn about surgery! It is okay to be a little scared or nervous. Talk to your parents and ask questions. Sometimes that can help you feel better!

We look forward to seeing you on your surgery day!