What if I have to stay the night?

Some kids need to stay in the hospital after their surgery. If you stay overnight, you will have your very own room on our pediatric unit or pediatric intensive care unit. this is where all kids stay overnight at TMC. Your mom or dad or both will be able to stay overnight with you., in your room. There is a television for you to watch TV or movies, or to play video games. We have a playroom, an outside play area, a family area and a library to make sure you have fun while you are here. Sometimes we have pet therapy animals that visit, or other special visitors. We also have volunteers who are here to bring you fun things to do if you are bored. Also, you can bring your favorite things from home to make you feel more comfortable, such as a stuffed animal or your favorite pillow. And your brothers and sisters can visit  you in the hospital. For more information, check out the TMC for Children web page.