Surgery Words to Know

Here are some Surgery Words for Kids to know:

Anesthesia - Anesthesia is the medicine used by the anesthesiologist during surgery to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Anesthesiologist - The Anesthesiologist is a doctor who will help you fall asleep during your surgery. If you have any questions about falling asleep, you can ask this doctor

Child Life Specialist - A Child Life Specialist is a person you will meet that will talk to you about what is going to happen. They will make sure you understand and answer any questions that you may have. They also have a lot of toys and fun activities so you are not bored while you are waiting.

Surgeon - A Surgeon is the doctor who will be doing your surgery.

Surgery - Surgery is a when a doctor will help a part of your body to feel or work better. Kids and grown-ups of all ages can have a surgery.

OR - OR stands for “operating room.” This is the special clean room that you will go where the doctor does surgery.

IV - IV stands for intravenous, meaning in the vein. A vein helps carry blood through your body. An IV is a very small plastic straw that is placed in your vein. With an IV, your body can get a drink of water and can be given medicine even if you are asleep.

Pulse Oximeter - The pulse oximeter helps to tell the nurses and doctors how fast your heart is beating, which is called your pulse, and also tells them how much oxygen is in your blood

Blood Pressure Cuff - The blood pressure cuff is used while you are sleeping during surgery. This is placed on your arm and gives your arm a big hug and then slowly lets go.

Thermometer - A thermometer checks your temperature. The thermometer used here in Ambulatory Surgery is one that checks your temperature by moving across your forehead.